Monday, March 7, 2011


How shape borrowing can be used to create new designs

Shape borrowing allows us to ideate widely and allows us to arrive at the best solution. By observing things around us, we can generate better ideas as by borrowing shapes from other objects and thus creating new designs.

How SCAMPER is used to refine the function and appearance of an idea
Scamper is a technique that answer probortunities in order to come up with ideas. It prompts us to answer questions that we do not usually ask ourselves when we are coming up with new ideas to innovate. Scamper is an acronym that represents: substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to other purpose, eliminate, reverse/rearrange.

Substitute means that we can substitute a part/process for something else. By looking for something else to substitute with, we can often come with new ideas.

ombine means that we can combine two or more parts of the probortunity to achieve a different product/process.

dapt means that we can adapt the part/process to remove the probortunity.

odify means that we can a part or all of the current situation or to distort it in an unusual way. We can force ourselves to come up with new ways of working, and thus we are prompted to a alternate product/process.

ut to other purpose means that we can put the current solution/product/process to other purposes.

liminate means that we can try to eliminate some parts of the current solution/product/process.

everse/Rearrange means that we can try to reverse/rearrange the current solution/product/process.

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